About Us

Tell me about Investomind

Investomind is a boutique style property service company that helps buyers and sellers, with the help of our strong network of property professionals, with following services.


·         Helping new-to-property buyers bring good deals from all across UK, with the help of our network of property professionals, but particularly –  Kent – Peterborough – Liverpool – Aberdeen

·         Introduce you to expert advisers and who will help you find properties with good potential for investment.

·         If you are looking for a real estate business partner we help you by introducing you to like minded people.

·         Invite you to get involved alongside with us if you find any projects appealing.

·         Invite you to property meet ups where you can meet like minded people and learn the latest by sharing each other’s knowledge and experience.

·         Present you off market discounted deals.

·         We can do a fact research of the property you are looking to purchase, which will allow you to make decisions.

·         If you are looking to downsize your portfolio or release equity, we can help you find a seller for quick sale.

·         We can help you sell your property with sitting tenants so you do not need to make the property vacant.

Investomind is registered with PRS (Property Redress Scheme)


Investomind is insured for indemnity Insurance and registered with company house

HMRC Anti Money Laundering (AML) Approved

For your Data Protection we are fully complied and registered with ICO

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